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David Stone was born in Eaubonne, (France), of parents passionate about literature and cinema and started a foundation in musical theory and guitar at the age of six. At 19, a chance encounter with a school friend allowed him to discover the art of magic and of card manipulation. At 23, he won the Diavol Grand prix (France championships of magic).

At 24, he won the Gold Dove (close-up category) award at the European championships of magic organized in France. The same year, David won the Close-up Grand Prix of South America in Las Tunas, Cuba.

 In 1995, David met the French magician Stéphane Jardonnet who truly launched his career by producing a video starring David (Basic Coin magic vol.1). This video became the first French magic program ever sold on the American market: with over 28,000 copies sold in 40 countries, this video was a best-seller.

 After obtaining a degree in Philosophy at the Amiens University, David decided to become professional magician. He went to Saint-Tropez and started working in some of the most prestigious restaurants of the Riviera, including seven years in La Voile Rouge, an amazing beach restaurant where he honed his craft.

 Because of his videos and a good comedic sense, Stone gained recognition in the world of professional magicians. Since 1999, he has performed his lecture on the art of Table hopping (professional magic in restaurants) at Magic conventions in more than 19 countries and is one of the most famous French magicians outside his country.

His encounter on 2001 with magician and DVD producer Jean-Luc Bertrand produced a successful partnership that has yielded several short films and magic DVDs. Their first co-production, a short movie, won the 1st prize at the first ever Magic Film Festival in Las Vegas (2006).

 In 2003, at the FFFF convention – Fechter’s Finger-Flicking Frolic, the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world, David was voted as the Most Valuable Performer.

His most recent book (2005) ‘Close-up: The real secrets of magic” is a best-seller in France and was sold out in less than 15 days after its release. The DVD “The Real Secrets Of Magic” (2006) adapted from this book was nominated Best Magic DVD 2006 by Genii Magazine (US), Magie Magazine (DE) and over 14,000 copies were sold in 13 months.

 In August 2006, David won the 3rd prize at the World Championships of magic (FISM) in Stockholm, Sweden (Micro-Magic – FISM Award 2006) and was voted in April 2008 the TMW Award for Best Magician 2008.

In 2010, the FFFF convention voted David Stone as Guest of Honor for FFFF 2012. David becomes the second French magician to receive this honor in 40 years.

On March 2014, David Stone was voted Best Close-up Magician 2014 by the British magic magazine “MagicSeen”.