Throughout this enchanting journey, commencing in March 2024 and reaching its crescendo with the World Magic Championship in July 2025, an array of captivating spectacles, thrilling contests, culturally enriching events, mesmerizing exhibitions, and vibrant activities will unfold. 

Set against the mystical backdrop of Turin, a city renowned for its esoteric charm and deep-rooted connection to the world of magic, these events will cast a spellbinding allure, drawing upon the city’s rich history and enigmatic ambiance to create an experience unlike any other.

Among the activities, attendees can look forward to the European Championship of Street Magic, where the cobblestone streets come alive with enchantment, as well as engaging tea time sessions offering cultural insights and intellectual stimulation. Additionally, a Congress of Street Magic will convene to explore the latest trends and techniques in the art form, while magical dinners will tantalize the senses, merging gastronomy with illusion in an unforgettable culinary adventure.