ding Yang


Grand Gala Show

For over a century, entertainments fascination with magic centered on the captivating spectacle of male magicians, commanding audiences with the whimsical appearances and vanishing of live birds. In the minds of society, this was a domain was ruled by elegant gentlemen donning top hats, tailcoats, or immaculate tuxedos. Historians have proved that perception to be inaccurate and today, in the twenty-first century, amidst the conflict of including live animals in magic performance, Ding Yang materialized, and her modern-day magic, shattered societies perception of what dove magic should and could be.

At the 2022 World Championships of Magic (FISM), Ding Yang made an impressive performance statement, etching her name into history’s annals. Representing China, Ding not only triumphed, she seized two prestigious awards for her unprecedented magic act, leaving her undisputable stamp on the world stage. As the recipient of the esteemed, Most Creative Act Award, Ding Yang’s performance, inventions and modern magic innovations were recognized to be in a class of their own.

Ding Yang adorns a sleek, modern, tight black velvet jumpsuit. Elevated on a platform, bereft of traditional magical paraphernalia, her performance space and costuming, is devoid of obvious places for birds to conceal, yet from apparent nothingness, graceful white doves emerge, amplifying the audience’s astonishment.

In addition, she has participated in many magic competitions, including “IBM” The international brotherhood of magic Competition winning the gold, and the Golden Chrysanthemum Award, the highest magic competition in China. at same time she won the Canadian Magic Association international Rising Star Award and Mandrakes Awards in Paris in 2023.

The world-famous magician David Copperfield wrote to her: 
Great job ! Seeing your magic framed in such a unique way , will inspire others to move magic into new directions