Raffaello Corti, known as “Faccestamagia,” embodies the irreverent role of the anti-magician, appearing awkward, estranged, and comedic, engaging the audience with his gags and jokes.

Beneath the surface, however, lies a true magician, and thus in every performance, there is always a moment where there is a reversal of the narrative, and magic ultimately emerges, surprising and captivating. After years of experimenting with gags and acts through live street performances and in the main comedic theater workshops of Rome, in 2018 he won the Ariston Comic Selfie and reached the final of the television program “Tu si que vales.” He is part of the cast of Colorado 2019; in the same year, he won the Festival del Cabaret Emergente in Modena and the Takimiri Prize. In 2020, he joined the Dimensione Suono Roma family and participated in 10 prime-time episodes on Rai in Amadeus’s I Soliti Ignoti between 2020 and 2022.

With a large following on Instagram and as an Italian star on TikTok, Raffaello Corti is the antithesis of everything the audience expects.

As if he were the chief exponent of a sort of contemporary Dadaism, Raffaello doesn’t care about laws and principles, and thanks to the fusion of comedy, magic, and surrealism, his is one of the freshest and most successful artistic proposals on the national scene. His magic is flawed magic, and his theater is a theater whose rules are trampled and kicked away by his yellow shoes.

He is the anti-magician who embodies the exact opposite of every stereotype about magicians, and yet surprisingly, it works.

His stage name is more than a nickname; it’s the hope of a promise. An absolute demand for absolute entertainment, an ex-voto to the gods of comedy, and a cry of nonsensical need: Raffaello Corti, “Faccestamagia.”