Laurent Piron


Gala Show

Since 2005, Laurent Piron, Belgium, performs his various shows around the world: street performance in  Sydney, at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh or at America’s Got Talent. Laurent’s acts are varied, original and many times awarded. In 2015, he develops an interest for a new kind of magic and trains 8 weeks at CNAC (French national circus center), mentored by Raphaél Navarro.This new world appeals to him, and he gets inspired to create the show « Battement de Peur » that will obtain a great success internationally.

IN 2018, he founds Cie Alogique with Hugo Van de Plas and Sylvia Delsupexhe. This group of people offers modern magic shows, esthetic and accessible to a large and diversified audience. Magic carrying emotions,emotions at the center of the performances. Being very creative, Laurent never stops experimenting illusions and researching new effects, for instance leading him to animate objects magically in his visual act “Paper Ball”, with which he won the  world champion of magic prize and Grand Prix FISM in Quebec in 2022.