Luis de matos

de matos

Special Lecture

Luis de Matos is one of the greatest illusionists in the world: the disappearance of an elephant in less than five seconds and the dissolving of a Ferrari are just some of the feats that have made him famous worldwide. Of Portuguese origins, his first television appearances date back to 1990. Two years later, he conceived and hosted the television series ‘Isto é Magia’ (‘This is Magic’), whose success led to the production of other programs such as ‘Noite Mágica’, ‘Shalakabula’, and ‘Luis de Matos Mistérios’. In 1999, he was awarded the title of ‘Magician of the Year’ by the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts, and in 2000, he served as the artistic director of the FISM World Magic Championship held in Lisbon.

He is responsible for memorable events such as the Guinness World Record achieved at the Dragao Stadium during the opening ceremony of the World Magic Championship.

 In Coimbra, de Matos established Estúdio 33, a true workshop for the art of illusionism and the venue for the Essential Magic Conference, the first magic congress broadcast and entirely followed via web.