luke jermay


Close-Up Gala

Luke Jermay has been performing hard hitting, original mentalism professionally for over 10 years.  The Edinburgh Evening News reviewed Jermay’s one man show ‘Sixth Sense’ with 5 Stars calling him ‘utterly astonishing in the extreme’going on to add “Jermay is different…to gain power like his he must be in league with the devil.” The Times Newspaper said; “My jaw dropped repeatedly… Jermay puts us in a state where we can wonder whether life has more possibilities than we thought it did an hour before”  The Sun Newspaper said: “Jermay is mind blowing. You would be out of your mind to miss this show!” Broadway Baby enthused; “Jermay does outrageous things that are inexplicable – over and over again…He really can just look at you and know what you’re thinking…”